Service Plans

  1. Monthly Service Plans – recommended for customers with a low tolerance for pests or customer with unique pest issues (such as German Cockroaches).
  2. Bi-monthly Service Plans pest control service for properties that require intermediate attention, where a monthly service may not be required but quarterly may be too long in between services.
  3. Quarterly Exterior Service Plans – pest control service best suited for customers with a busy schedule and minimal pest issues. The service is a cost effective option for customers who do not require interior pest control service.
  4. Quarterly Interior and Exterior Service Plan – our most popular service plan will provide interior and exterior service on a quarterly basis to treat the entire exterior and interior of the property to provide a double barrier in those instances where pests may be able to access the interior through various entry points where chemicals cannot be applied – for example through the fascia boards under the gutters gaining access to the attic, the builder’s gap or through the gables.